How to create an attractive and comfortable working place at home

  • Choose a suitable location

Depending on your family and living situation select the right place for your office at home. It may be a separate room or only a smart corner in your living room or somewhere else.

If you have the possibility, I recommend choosing a space away from household and daily stress. If you have for example small kids to look after while working, it may be easier to use a central place (e.g., the dining desk). 

  • Natural light and view

If possible – choose a place where you have enough natural light and a nice view. Natural light not only ensures well-being and health, but it also lights up your room during the day -so you can save on electricity too. 

  • Office furniture

Certainly, worth investing in! Invest in an ergonomic chair and table with high quality that is adjustable and comfortable to you. Your neck and back will thank you a lot. 

  • Technical equipment

Use a TV-Monitor or two monitors – it makes working a lot easier. Also, it is very advisable to use a comfortable mouse. Especially laptop touchpads can be very uncomfortable and awkward while using for a longer time. A high-tech keyboard is also a small tweak that makes a big difference. Choose wireless equipment: they will stop your work from getting lost beneath unnecessary tangled wires. 

  • Personalize & Accessorize

YOU are the designer of your workplace and YOU decide how your office should feel and look like – a huge advantage in my view. By including personal touches and things that inspire you can make you feel more comfortable. 


3 simple but important advices for home officers

Hello everybody,

First, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy new year 2021! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and that you returned to work after a great break in all freshness! 

Referring to my advanced preview in my last blog article today I would like to share simple tips and advices which helped me a lot to organize my home office: 

Routine: although nobody is watching you – keep your daily routine! Get up in the morning, wear nice clothes and start on time!  Define your working time, your working objectives, and your breaks! 

Nevertheless and of course provided that your job allows it: work during your personal most efficient time! If you are a notoriously late riser and your performance level gets only high in the afternoon it does not make much sense to start at 07:00 am. The most important thing is, that you fix your working time. 

No distraction: for many not very easy – but try to avoid contact with family members and friends and undermine the boundaries between your work and private life. 

Create an attractive and comfortable working place: At the beginning, I worked with a laptop at the dining table, but my neck and back muscles have suffered from it after a while.

Because your health should not suffer from home office I would like to select and present you with some ideas of attractive and comfortable working places in one of my next blog articles.

Maybe you have also some great examples that you would like to share with us?  

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay healthy and all the best!



How the world of work is changing…..

A few days ago, I was struck by an article on, the title read: “Coronavirus: How the world of work may change forever”. The article focuses on how our lives changed due to the corona virus breakout. In this article, especially regarding the professional live and the foreseeable future which says that changes may remain also after the crisis will be over. 

Without a doubt for many people, it will be a curse – but on the other hand, for many it will be a blessing. Although “home office” is not the main topic of the article I decided to create this blog due to my experience as a very satisfied and well-organized “home officer”. This blog should be used to show primarily the positive aspects (also including the risks and their preventive measures mentioned in passing) of the working form “home office” and to share and discuss ways/methods which will help you to organize yourself and your office at home in a most effectively and efficiently way. 

Until my next blog article where I would like to show you simple but very helpful and useful ways of self-organization and general advices regarding equipment and technical features, I would like to ask you to share your experiences as a “home officer”.  How do you manage this job? What are your tips and advices? 

Even if you are not working in home office your opinion is very interesting to me. Could you imagine working at home and if so, why and/or under what conditions? 

I am looking forward to every comment. 

Yours, Katrin